The Pawtel Club

The Pawtel Club

As pet parents I think we all agree

  • Our pet gives us so much joy and love
  • Our pet relies on us to keep it safe and well
  • We love being reassured what our pet is doing when we are away from them
  • We enjoy using social media to share information about our pet

Why have we set up The PawTel Club?

  • In the 21st Century there is a strong need for technology to lend a hand and help our pet to be closer to us.
  • Using our digital expertise, we are able to provide an exclusive online electronic social portal to enable us to be closer to our pet.
  • We want to give all pet parents peace of mind to know where our pet is and how they feel

What will this mean for you?

The opportunity to join a worldwide social media network which is designed specifically for pets and pet parents.

What does The PawTel Club offer today?

Our first product to join the exclusive network is now available for sale. The Pawtel 1000 product combines GPS tracking and monitoring with auto generated updates and social media posts.

How do Pet Parents join The PawTel Club network?

Joining The Pawtel Club could not be easier. When you buy the Pawtel 1000, and other offered products we offer 12 month’s free membership.

What are the benefits?

  1. On receipt of delivery of your PawTel Club enabled device, you will be given exclusive access to our secure password protected online registration portal. When you activate your account, you can start to store the information electronically on your pet.
  2. The network will encourage communication with other pets.
  3. You will start to link with other pet parents.
  4. We will offer an exclusive online magazine, whimsical and lighthearted articles and columns giving the pet perspective.


“The PawTel Club – using digital technology to bring you and your pet even closer”

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Contact Info

The PawTel Club is provided by Samsaroon Limited.

  • Call us for customer service at
    +44 20 3816 0448
  • Email us at
  • Address
    The PawTel Club, Samsaroon Ltd, Registered Office : 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom W1B 3HH.

Call us at
+44 20 3816 0448

Email us at

3rd Floor 207 Regent Street London, United Kingdom W1B 3HH.